Name: Mortus
Gender: Hemale
Relationship Status: In a relationship with subscribers
Birthday: February 5
Country: Mother Russia
Favorite Movies: "Il Buono, il brutto, il cattivo"; Works of George Romero; "Harry Potter", why not?
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Favorite Books: "The First Chechen Campaign: History of armed conflict", Grodnenskij Nikolaj, aka Malishevskij N.N.; "The Witcher", Andrzej Sapkowski
Turn Ons: Oranges. I already said that I love oranges?
Turn Offs: Violate copyrights. Seriously, don't ever do it.
Also: I have problems with my eyesight, so I can't distinguish certain shades of colors very well. Please don't get upset if you don't like the way I work in this direction. Also, I don't speak English very well and I use a translator to talk on social networks. So if you don't always understand what I'm saying, go нахуй.

About me: In 2015, I accidentally found out about Sissy and start translating various training videos into Russian for myself. At same time, created a page on VK, where I uploaded my works. After getting a lot of feedback, I continued my activities as an translator. Later started making my own captions to expand my audience reach. Also in 2015-2016, I did my duty to my homeland after which I took a big pause.

In 2018 I made my first videos and finally gave up being a translator. I made a few more videos, my website, page on Pornhub, Reddit and Patreon. After that I was forced to leave and dropped project.

In early 2021, I released a BLM-themed video and died.

Lovely, your Mortus.

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