The project was created in 2015 by one enthusiast on the social platform "vKontakte". The aim of the project was to translate various sissy-training sessions for Russian-speaking audiences. It is noteworthy that 2014-2015 was the dawn of the Sissi-themed and movement as a whole for Russia and the CIS countries, so the project quickly gained popularity. Over time, various people were engaged to work on translations from among subscribers, on a voluntary basis only. In addition, the project managed to try itself in various directions, ranging from "sissi-histories", captions and ending with a small experimental novel showing the individual capabilities of the VK engine, which can interest people to do really cool things. Over the years, the project has undergone many ups and downs, which was also influenced by some of the author's life circumstances and absurd blocking of content by the resource and legislation.

Since the project is essentially based on the enthusiasm of one person, we had to abandon the project development in other directions than the main one - video translations. Later, the project was frozen and not once. For comparison, the number of clips for 2015 is more than 30, and for 2017 - only 7.

The end of 2018 was a decisive milestone for the project. A lot has changed over the years, but the main thing is that it was decided to develop the project only in one direction - the creation of their own commercials, not only in Russian, but also in English. In this regard, this site and the text you are now reading were created :3

I hope you like what I do, because your support is very important to me, because I always listen to the opinion of my audience. I'm sure there are a lot of people among you who are just starting their "new life", so let's start it with Mortus Girls.

Lovely, your Mortus.